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After Hearing, Lyft And NYC Taxi Commission To Negotiate Brooklyn Launch

"We have agreed to complete the process of getting approval to operate under current TLC rules," a Lyft spokeswoman said.

[Base Image: Flickr user Neiljs]

Ride-sharing startup Lyft appears to be making progress in its attempt to launch in NYC. After the NYC Taxi and Limousine Commission halted what was supposed to be Lyft’s debut in Brooklyn and Queens on July 11, New York Supreme Court Judge Kathryn Freed ordered Lyft and the TLC to hash out an agreement that would allow Lyft to operate legally in NYC. Lyft’s spokeswoman Erin Simpson issued this statement following today’s hearing:

Over the past week, we've had several productive discussions with the TLC, Department of Financial Services, and Attorney General. We will continue to collaborate with all parties on a path forward for Lyft in New York. For our initial launch in New York City, we have agreed to complete the process of getting approval to operate under current TLC rules as soon as possible.

The statement goes on to say that Lyft will continue to work with the TLC to find a feasible way to adapt for NYC the startup’s peer-to-peer model, in which drivers without cab licenses can sell rides to the public. Lyft is currently operating in more than 65 cities, including the New York cities of Buffalo and Rochester. The issue of branching into Brooklyn and Queens, however, stems from safety and licensing requirements dictated by the TLC.

Although a new launch date hasn't been set, it looks like Lyft's pink mustaches haven’t been completely shaved in NYC just yet.