• 07.18.14

Chimp Chic: “Planet of the Apes” Ringleader Caesar Models High-End Menswear

ShortList Magazine put the real star of Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, the supersmart Caesar, in a fashion shoot on what was once called Earth.

It’s hard to call someone a damn, dirty ape–as Charlton Heston once famously did–when they’re decked out head to toe in Armani.


U.K.-based men’s lifestyle magazine ShortList has put the leader of the evolved colony of apes depicted in Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, Caesar, in the human clothes he swore off in the franchise’s previous movie. The editorial teamed joined forces with the CG geniuses of New Zealand’s Weta Digital to help style the simian in haute couture. Although the body looks beguilingly too long to be that of a human, Caesar’s all-too-human facial expressions and poses here are straight out of a Neiman Marcus catalog. Although it’s rather unfortunate indeed that apes took over the world, at least it looks like some of our traditions will live on.

Have a look at more images in the slides above, and read more here about how the “fashion shoot” came together.

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