The Top 5 Leadership Stories, July 14-18

Procrastinate a little, today, with these stories on charisma and failure.

This week, we looked back at our younger selves and our past failures, and daydreamed about living in a city like…Pharr, Texas?


Here are the stories you loved in Leadership for the week of July 14.

9 Things I Wish I Knew When I Started My Career

If you could go back in time and speak to your 20-something self, what would you tell her (other than to put down the manic panic hair dye and lay off the flannel)? These now-successful career counselors, authors and startup founders would do a few things differently.

16 U.S. Cities Where Women Actually Earn More Than Men

We hear Aurora, Colorado is lovely this time of year–and a great place to be a woman who’s sick of the gender wage gap. Did your city make the list? Check out this interactive data and see.

“Precrastinating” And Why It’s Just As Bad As Procrastinating

We can’t win for losing–at least when it comes to working ahead. If you’re obsessed with checking off your to-do list, you might be missing important details or missing spontaneous opportunities.

The Hidden Qualities and Tiny Tricks That Make Someone An Influential Leader

“You can understand why a person is appealing by looking closely at how they project strength and warmth.” Charisma can be taught–and it’s a combination of these subtleties.

Quote Of The Week: Double Your Failure Rate

We’re starting a new Monday tradition: A leadership quote to inspire your work week. This week, we reframed our failures–because if you look closely enough, every success is made of lots of little failures along the way.


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