Creating A New Cycling Experience That Seamlessly Integrates Tradition And Innovation

Throughout this design process we have been documenting our efforts in the form of these Diaries. Our first was all about inspiration. The second highlighted the notion of gesture. And our third, as chronicled below, speaks to the idea of seamlessness–the intent is for our bike design to work together harmoniously. We must integrate technology, crafting techniques, and unique features.

To achieve a seamless riding experience, we approached our bike from multiple angles. We first looked at traditional fabrication techniques and ways of working with our partner Dave Levy from Ti Cycles. We then challenged ourselves to imagine what’s next for cycling. We asked, “How do we bring old and new bike-building methods together in a seamless way?”

With that in mind, we aim to celebrate Levy’s 25-year history of hand-building Titanium bikes. On the other hand, as an innovation and design consultancy, we seek to showcase the advances we see in manufacturing and prototyping, as we push the boundaries in how a bike is made. The opportunity we see is to create a bike that seamlessly integrates these two approaches to building – old and new.

In parallel to our vision of creating a seamless experience, we’ve been prototyping with technology by incorporating subtle digital elements to compliment our analog ride. Not using technology for technology’s sake, but rather enabling a meaningful riding experience that will inspire everyday cycling.

Stay tuned for the final reveal, when our bike comes to life on July 25. RSVP to the launch event in Portland, Oregon.OV