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Facebook Tests "Buy" Button On Ads

Social commerce is picking up steam.

Facebook Tests "Buy" Button On Ads

[Image: Flickr user r. nial bradshaw]

Facebook is testing a "buy" button to help brands drive sales with their ads and pages.

Facebook's buy buttonImage: Facebook

Closing the loop, the call to action let users easily complete their transactions on desktop and mobile. The company said consumers can choose to store their credit card information on the social network for future purchases, and the information will not be shared with other advertisers. Earlier this year, the company rolled out an autofill button that populates credit card, billing, and shipping information that is stored on Facebook to complete shopping transactions. The test currently involves select small- and medium-sized businesses.

The move also takes social commerce one step closer to reality. Earlier this month, a "buy now" button was spotted on Twitter—the latest pillar to its monetization strategy.