Facebook Just Made It Really Easy For Celebrities To Find Who’s Talking About Them

As part of its ongoing quest to become more Twitter-like, Facebook’s courting of famous celebrities went up a notch on Thursday when it announced a new feature that allows fameballs to find fans who are talking about them.

It is called Facebook Mentions, and it’s billed as a “new app for actors, athletes, musicians, and other influencers to discover and join conversations” about themselves.

So, if you happen to be, say, Dr. Dre pal Tyrese Gibson (hey, it’s the example Facebook provided?) and a fan casually mentions you in a status update, you can now use Facebook Mentions to jump into his or her status and leave a note like the magnanimous Fast & Furious star you are!

Of course the inverse is also true, and it will be fun to see which celebs jump into conversations that are, shall we say, not quite as glowing or kind.

The downside, of course, is that to use the new Mentions feature you have to be in possession of a verified Facebook account, which means you have to be marginally famous to begin with. Goals, people. It’s important to have goals.CG