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The Yo App, It's Now For More Than Alerting Israelis Of Rocket Attacks, Annoying People

The controversial app company opens Its API to developers.

Yo, an app that let's you send a push notification to other people and not much else, just opened its API to developers.

There are all sorts of ways developers can use it. Publish a new blog post? Send a Yo. Selling something new in your online store? Send a Yo. 49ers just scored a touchdown? Send a Yo.

The bare-bones alert system shook the Internet alive a few weeks back, when word got out that Yo had managed to raise $1 million from investors. And it wasn't a joke. "Yo is real, but if you think it's just an app that says Yo, you're seeing it the wrong way," its creator, Or Abel, told Fast Company in an email at the time.

Yo's critics see things a bit differently. "Yo, to me, feels like The Onion’s take on pointless apps," said Fast Company columnist Om Malik. "I think Yo is a symptom of app economy gone completely wrong. Call me old-fashioned, but I want my tech startups to solve actual problems."

Learn more about Yo's API here.