10 Jobs That May Soon Disappear

A new report identifies the most endangered careers of 2014.

10 Jobs That May Soon Disappear
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The overarching message of a new list from CareerCast is one you’ve probably heard before: When it comes to the future of jobs, tech beats paper.


Analyzing data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, CareerCast ranked the top 10 endangered jobs of 2014. Mail carrier jobs are the most endangered, with a 28% decline in projected growth. The newspaper industry is also on the list, with a 13% decline in projected growth for newspaper reporters. Travel agents are on the fast track to extinction, threatened by convenient book-your-own-travel companies like Kayak and Airbnb.

Here are the 10 most endangered jobs of 2014:

  1. Mail carrier
  2. Farmer
  3. Meter reader
  4. Newspaper reporter
  5. Travel agent
  6. Lumberjack
  7. Flight attendant
  8. Drill-press operator
  9. Printing worker
  10. Tax examiner and collector

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