Remember That Movie When That Guy Did That Thing? That’s What These New Netflix Ads Are Like

Sometimes it can be difficult to express our thoughts or feelings. It’s why we have psychiatry, emoji, and punching. Over the centuries, metaphor has also been an effective form of communication. People feel fresh as a daisy, hot as the sun or as pointless as pearls on a pig. In more modern times, we relate more through TV and movies. When you tell your someone they had you at hello, or that your roommate has gone all Single White Female, or that your latest performance review at work went went over like Gigli–people will know what you’re talking about.

A new ad campaign for Netflix in Canada by agency DDB Vancouver takes the idea of entertainment as modern form of communication to rather extreme lengths. Directed by Brian Billow, the ads show how common entertainment knowledge can come in handy, whether to facilitate a marriage proposal or medical diagnosis.

The most realistic spot, though, is the airport one. Here we see the most common of rom-com plot devices (The Chase!) adapted ever so slightly for more, uh, practical purposes.