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Tech Giants Take ISP Grievances To The FCC

The Internet Association is asking the FCC to regulate issues of interconnection and net neutrality.

Tech Giants Take ISP Grievances To The FCC

[Image: Flickr user Dylan Payne]

The Internet Association, a trade group of tech giants, including Google, Facebook, and Amazon, is asking the Federal Communications Commission to take action against Internet service providers should they restrict traffic or demand interconnection fees.

In a comment filed Monday with the FCC, the Internet Association claims the Internet is "threatened by broadband Internet access providers who would turn the open, best-efforts Internet into a pay-for-priority platform..." The sentiment echoes the recent spat between Internet Association member Netflix and Comcast.

In an unprecedented move, Netflix agreed to pay Comcast, and subsequently Verizon in a similar deal, for the right to connect to their servers directly, essentially buying faster service. It’s the amount of power ISPs like Comcast and Verizon have over companies in need of their services that the Internet Association is hoping the FCC will regulate: "…interconnection should not be used as a choke point to artificially slow traffic or extract unreasonable tolls from over-the-top providers," the Internet Associate states in the comment.

The FCC is accepting public comments through Tuesday as it rewrites its net neutrality laws.