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For $10, Parents Can Add Car Seat To Uber Ride

The car-hailing company says its drivers receive proper training to safely install child seats.

For $10, Parents Can Add Car Seat To Uber Ride

[Image: Flickr user Michael Sheehan]

Parents of small children, Uber has not forgotten about you. The e-hailing startup announced Monday that riders in New York City, Philadelphia, and Washington, D.C., can add car seats for a $10 surcharge. As part of a partnership, babysitting service will waive the fee in Washington D.C., and Philadelphia from July 14 to 20.

Riders in those metro areas will see a new family option on the bottom of the app when they select UberX or Black Car. Car seats are available for children who are at least a year old, weigh 22 pounds to 48 pounds, and measure 31 inches to 52 inches tall. As with fares, Uber drivers will receive 80% of the $10 car seat fee.

Uber says its drivers received training consisting of written materials and instructional videos to safely install car seats for their specific vehicles. Drivers were also required to demonstrate this skill in person with a representative from the advocacy group the Car Seat Lady.