The Brands That Won (And Lost) The Twitter World Cup

The Brands That Won (And Lost) The Twitter World Cup
[Image: Flickr user Casey Hugelfink]

When Germany earned its fourth World Cup title on Sunday, Twitter users posted a record-breaking 618,725 tweets per minute.

Indeed, it has been a banner year for the World Cup on Twitter: Brazil’s abysmal 1-7 loss to Germany sparked 35.6 million tweets–3.5 million more tweets than last night’s final.

Where people are tweeting en masse, brands are sure to follow. However, as we’ve seen during the World Cup, there are some brands who got it right, and others that should’ve stayed on the bench.

The Good

Simple and on-brand.

Can’t. Stop. Watching.

The Bad

Stirring up patriotism may be more effective once we’ve mastered adjective forms of proper nouns, Waffle House. #BelgianNotBelgium

Uruguay’s Luis Suárez, who was banned from World Cup for biting another player, prompted a slew of bad brand tweets. Here’s a pun that should never see the light of day, even on Halloween… which it’s not.

And of course, there’s the now deleted giraffe tweet that will forever haunt Delta. (Hint: Giraffes don’t typically live in Ghana.)

These tweets, on the other hand, were pure gold. Brands, take heed.KI