Amazon Will Release All 10 Episodes Of Jill Soloway’s “Transparent” At The Same Time

Take heed, binge watchers.

Amazon Will Release All 10 Episodes Of Jill Soloway’s “Transparent” At The Same Time
Jeffrey Tambor in Transparent, an Amazon Original

Slipping into your PJs to binge-watch a show on Netflix is increasingly becoming a perfectly normal way to spend a Friday night. So it makes sense that streaming-video companies are tailoring their release schedules to fit the consumption habits of customers.


The latest case in point: Amazon. When its new series, Transparent, premieres on Amazon Prime this September, the company plans to release all 10 episodes at the same time.

It reflects a changing media-consumption landscape that is shying away from making consumers wait; it’s also a strategy that Netflix CEO Reed Hastings is an ardent supporter of. The Netflix “brand for TV shows is really about binge viewing,” Hastings said in an interview last year, “the ability to just get hooked and watch episode after episode…rather than get strung out.”

Transparent is being billed as a dark comedy starring Jeffrey Tambor as Mort/Martha, a trans woman who is struggling to come out to her adult children. Its creator, Jill Soloway (of Six Feet Under fame), sees the show as a perfect fit for cozy homebodies.

“I kind of think of it like a five-hour movie, more than 10 episodes,” said Soloway. “From the beginning, we’ve seen it as five hours.”

Watch the pilot episode of Transparent here.

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