Another Depressing Element Of The Gender Wage Gap

Grades can be strong, but the patriarchy is still stronger.

Another Depressing Element Of The Gender Wage Gap
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A woman with a 4.0 GPA in high school ends up earning the same as a man with a 2.0, according to a study from University of Miami researchers.


The report, focused on how grades predicts adulthood success, shows the correlation between GPA and income. “Conventional wisdom is that academic performance in high school is important for college admission, but this is the first study to clearly demonstrate the link between high school GPA and labor market earnings many years later,” says Michael T. French, lead author and professor of health economics at the University of Miami.

University of Miami

But out of those findings comes a none-too surprising, yet still discouraging realization: Even if a female student gets perfect grades, she’ll remain unequal to her underachieving male peers. Overall GPA is higher for women, but men have significantly higher incomes.

From Think Progress:

“A woman who is one credential ahead of a man will always be worth less in terms of income: a woman with an associate’s degree makes less than a man with a vocational degree, a woman with a bachelor’s makes less than a man with an associate’s, and a woman with an advanced degree makes less than a man with a bachelor’s.”

Regardless of what a girl does to excel, it’s still not enough to overcome the gender wage gap. More reason to empower girls early in their educations to get on the leadership track.

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