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Quote Of The Week: Double Your Failure Rate

Look closely at any big success, and you'll see lots of little failures along the way.

Quote Of The Week: Double Your Failure Rate

[Illustration by Robbie Jones]

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Every Monday, tune in to Fast Company Leadership for a quote to get your week started right.

This week's retro-quote comes from Thomas Watson Jr., who said, "If you want to increase your success rate, double your failure rate." As the second president of IBM, Watson is known as one of history's greatest capitalists. In the '60s, his first attempt as creating a supercomputer failed to the tune of $20 million in losses—but undeterred, Watson went on to make IBM a household name.

Why success is made of little fails, from "5 Ways To Reframe Your Failures":

  1. Failure smooths out the rough edges on our egos
  2. It forces us to rethink, and find new ways to approach a problem
  3. It brings us a step closer to our goals
  4. It lets you stand on the shoulders of those greats in your industry who've failed before
  5. It makes the success that much sweeter!