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Google's Skybox Releases Stunning Images From New Satellite

SkySat-2 provides an HD view from the top.

Port-au-Prince on July 10, 2014

[Images courtesy of Skybox]

Skybox, the satellite mapping company Google bought for a cool $500 million in cash, just released the first images taken from SkySat-2. These shots of Bangor, Maine, and Port-au-Prince, Haiti, were taken within 48 hours of the satellite’s launch on July 8.

Click to expand | Bangor, Maine on July 10, 2014Image courtesy of Skybox
Click to expand | Port-au-Prince on July 10, 2014Image courtesy of Skybox

Orbiting Earth at 4.3 miles per second, SkySat-2 is Skybox's latest effort to create relatively affordable satellites ($50 million a pop, which, as far as satellites go, is a steal) that deliver real-time HD images.

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