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Awful or Awesome

This Is The Worst Brand Tweet Of The Week

A toilet-paper brand weighing in on the LeBron James news makes for a really crappy social-media moment.

This Is The Worst Brand Tweet Of The Week

[Image: Flickr user Keith Allison]

Congratulations, Cottonelle, you have outdone yourself—and everyone else—with this off-brand tweet. Your social-media manager really s*it the bed on this one. (We're holding ourselves back from the sheer number of bathroom puns we could toss out here, but feel free to share some of your own in the comments.)

On the other hand, look how many favorites! If by "favorites," you mean, "I hate this."

(Update: Not to be deterred, competitor Charmin's Twitter account also fired off a scatological LeBron tweet, as commenter Lauren Longo notes):