Ikea Gets Into Your Dreams With Trippy, Shakespearean New Ad

There are three dreams that all humans–across all cultural, gender, geographic and languages–experience at least once in their lifetime. The first is the one where your teeth are falling out, which Freud believed symbolized a longing for children in women and a fear of castration for men. The second is the one where you just keep falling and falling. There’s an urban legend that if you ever land you’re dead, while some say it means some aspect of your life is headed in the wrong direction. The third is that one where you’re having a spaghetti picnic with a grizzly bear named Steve on a raft in the middle of the ocean and you’re very annoyed because Steve forgot to bring the maple syrup. (Everyone’s had that one, right?)

OK, back to the falling dream. For Ikea’s newest spot, by agency Mother London and director Juan Cabral (the man who gave us Cadbury “Gorilla”), we meet a women suspended high above the earth on her bed and she makes her way back down to earth by jumping and sky-diving between a series of other beds. It’s a sunny, dreamy sequence that is more thrilling than nightmarish. Finally, she lands and wakes up (alive!) in her comfy Ikea bed. A Malm, by the looks of it.

Despite how dreamy the ad is, you’d be surprised just how much of it was shot in-camera. According to VFX shop MPC, the tumbling protagonist and many of the beds were hung from cranes and suspended over buildings, as well as a skydiver jumping through the air during the three-day shoot in Johannesburg.

There’s no bear named Steve, but still, great ad for a bed.

See some making-of scenes in the gallery above.JB