Infographic: Here’s How to Live a Regret-Free Life

You’ve heard about brain games that promise to boost your cerebral prowess, but Happify’s “science-based” games and activities profess to bolster emotional strength. It takes only two months, according to the company’s website, for 86% of Happify members “get happier.”

Skeptical? Happify’s latest marketing campaign is an infographic detailing how to live without regret. And regret, obviously, is the buzzkill of happiness. Most of us–but especially women, have at least one major regret, according to the research, but it is possible to avoid that nagging “woulda, coulda, shoulda.” The infographic explains that our “psychological immune system,” recovers fairly easily from negative feelings by helping us rationalize and reframe our mistakes. “But it’s harder to use these tricks to get over never having tried something in the first place.”

Which means a little bit of vice could be good for you. If you don’t bungee off that bridge, you might spend years lamenting your lack of balls. Whereas, if you do take the (literal) plunge, and find the experience somewhat traumatizing, your psyche will (most likely?) recover. To avoid regret, Happify also recommends some simple behavioral tricks, like keeping in touch with old friends, thinking twice before getting that ohm tatoo and posting funeral selfies on Facebook. Or you can take Happify’s advice and “simply allow yourself to be happier.” Can’t manage that last one on your own? Don’t worry. You can always sign up for Happify.