LinkedIn Launches Streamlined New iPhone App

LinkedIn announced today a new addition to its suite of apps. LinkedIn Connected for iPhone is less about making new connections and more about strengthening the ones you already have. “Connected’s card-based app experience, a first for LinkedIn, puts people at its center, is simple and easy to use,” wrote David Brubacher, LinkedIn’s head of relationships products, in a blog post this morning.

Connected is essentially a streamlined version of the professional social network that makes features like celebrating someone’s personal and career milestones easier–something that, according to Brubacher, has been lacking in the LinkedIn community. The app will send reminders about birthdays, anniversaries, and job changes, as well as pre-meeting push notifications.

Connected comes just three weeks after the launch of LinkedIn’s job-hunting iPhone app. Earlier this year, the company’s ill-fated Intro app was shuttered after just four months amid security concerns.

You can download LinkedIn Connected here.KI