A Sneak Peek Inside Birchbox’s First Retail Store

Birchbox on Friday will open the doors to its first physical store, an outgrowth of its popular online subscription service.

Katia Beauchamp, and Hayley Barna

The New York SoHo location looks like a living incarnation of its website, with products organized by category, like “cheek” and “second-day hair,” instead of the usual brand kiosk you might see at Sephora or a department store. “Our goal with Birchbox has always been to make it easy, efficient, and fun for people to discover new brands and products fit for their lifestyle,” Katia Beauchamp, cofounder of Birchbox, said.

The 250 brands will be familiar to anyone who shops at the makeup powerhouse online. The color palette–white, pink, and sandy brown–feels like an extension of the Birchbox boxes.

The store also features two distinct nods to the signature boxes. The Birchbox of the month is showcased prominently at the front of the store, and there’s a build-your-own box workshop in the back, where people can select various samples from a limited list. Shoppers can also sign up for Birchbox on the iPads in-store, where they will not encounter the usual waiting list.

To lure even more potential shoppers, Birchbox is also offering beauty services for hair, nails, and makeup, as well as classes.RG