Google, We Made The Perfect Glass Ad For You

Look! A lady wearing Glass! You’re welcome, Google.

Look! Glass isn’t just for loser dorks–it’s also for young women who wear lipstick and are good at sports. That’s what this picture of me (above) from Google’s “Ok Google: Let’s Explore” event Wednesday morning says. And, conveniently that’s exactly the kind of message Google wants the convey to the world about its wearable face computer, which up until this point has had a social acceptance problem. So, you’re welcome Google.


Of course, Google already knows that it has a “white men wearing Google Glass” image problem to overcome, which is why it has outfitted a lot of very beautiful female models with Glass for its advertising campaigns. In addition all of the Glass wearers at the event I attended yesterday were women.

My pictures also demonstrate Glass’s real-world utility, another plus for any marketing effort. As you can see, the device makes playing arcade-style basketball more fun. I’m testing Glass’s shooting hoops app, which can help players improve their shot by providing them with information about the angle and arc of the ball, along with tips like “too flat!” Without Glass, you would only have hand-eye coordination, and stuff.

About the author

Rebecca Greenfield is a former Fast Company staff writer. She was previously a staff writer at The Atlantic Wire, where she focused on technology news.