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FreedomPop Makes First International Expansion

FreedomPop is taking its disruptive free-data business model abroad. First stop: Belgium.

FreedomPop Makes First International Expansion

[Image: Flickr user Ding Yuin Shan]

Wireless Internet and mobile phone provider FreedomPop has been making waves in the ISP industry, offering free voice, text, and data services to hundreds of thousands of customers in the U.S. Now, the Los Angeles-based company is looking to make inroads abroad in its first international expansion, starting with Belgium.

Partnering with Dutch carrier KPN, FreedomPop will offer SIM-based data plans, as well as voice and text via its OTT app, all of which will be free. Although FreedomPop will not sell mobile devices globally, its standard plan of 500 MB free per month will remain. What's more, FreedomPop’s international SIMs will be available to U.S. customers—a move that’s sure to make travelers happy, especially when FreedomPop’s plan to expand to the U.K., Germany, Spain, France, and the Pacific Rim rolls out in the coming months.