Stop Being Creepy In Public Bathrooms With This Simple Fix

One of the worst things about public bathroom stalls is how hard it is to tell when someone’s in them. A lot of people end up resorting to that totally not-at-all awkward practice of peeking under the door, looking for feet.

A company calling itself Tooshlights is promising a way to end this indignity–and make that line of desperate people move more quickly, too. Its simple LED light sensors turn green when a stall is free and red when it’s occupied.

The company just installed its technology at The Hollywood Bowl, which claims the lights have “improved the flow of traffic” (unclogged, if you will?). The company says its lights are appropriate for basically any venue where bathroom queues often form. According to Tooshlights, more than 66% of the time, facilities do have vacant stalls, but guests are not aware of them or are not moving to them quickly enough.

Next up? An app that will let people know where the nearest free bathroom is inside a large stadium, airport, or conference center.

There’s just one problem. Given the cleanliness of many public restrooms, I’d venture that many stalls stay empty for a very good reason.JL