5 Nonprofits Win Glass Headsets And $25,000 Grants From Google

Meet the winners of the “Giving Through Glass” competition.

5 Nonprofits Win Glass Headsets And $25,000 Grants From Google
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Back in April, Google announced its “Giving Through Glass” competition, which called for U.S. nonprofits to submit their ideas for innovative ways to boost their impact using Google Glass. After combing through more than 1,300 proposals, Google has announced the five winners who will receive Glass headsets, a trip to Google for training, access to Glass developers, and a $25,000 grant.

The winning nonprofits are Classroom Champions, which connects kids in underserved schools with Olympic and Paralympic athletes; 3000 Miles to a Cure, an initiative to raise awareness and funds for brain cancer research through bike riding; Mark Morris Dance Group, which uses dance as physical therapy for people with Parkinson’s disease; Women’s Audio Mission, a movement to create a more immersive educational experience for women and girls; and The Hearing and Speech Agency, which works to improve communication for people with speech challenges.

The Giving Through Glass winners are an eclectic group that, undoubtedly, Google hopes will help showcase the real-world potential of the augmented-reality headset. So far, we’ve seen Glass used with some success in hospitals, but broader applications of the product have yet to be realized.

Learn more about the winners on Google’s blog.

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