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WaryBee Is The Safety Device Women May Actually Want To Wear

A Malaysian-based programmer is looking to keep women safe, one piece of jewelry at a time.

WaryBee Is The Safety Device Women May Actually Want To Wear

[Image courtesy of WaryBee]

A new product geared toward women adds a bit of fashion to the realm of high-tech wearables: WaryBee, created by Malaysia-based programmer Ray Teng, is a free mobile app and a panic button built in to jewelry. Check out the story behind the invention over at Tech in Asia.

WaryBee prototypes

After hearing of a 15-year-old girl who had gone missing and was later found dead in a suitcase, Teng founded WaryBee as a way to let kidnapping victims discreetly contact their families. The wearable comes as a necklace or bracelet with a hidden panic button in a pendant. Once the victim presses the button, a signal with a pre-determined message and the victim’s location goes out to family or friends of the wearer’s choosing. Teng is currently working on a feature that will notify anyone, guardian or not, within a certain radius in the hopes of immediate assistance.

WaryBee App

Though still in its initial phases of testing and funding, WaryBee looks to be next in the growing line of safety-focused mobile tech, joining products like the Safenecklace and Amnesty International’s Panic Button App.

H/T Tech in Asia