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A 30-Second Master Class On How To Do Porky Pig's Stutter

Looney Tunes voice actor Bob Bergen breaks down the simple formula for performing the notoriously difficult cartoon voice.

A 30-Second Master Class On How To Do Porky Pig's Stutter

Mel Blanc, the voice of Bugs Bunny, Porky Pig, and other cartoon characters.

[Photo by Bettmann, Corbis]

Voice acting is known as one of the hardest creative professions to break into, both because of the skill involved and the fact that a small number of good voice actors are booked for most of the jobs.

Recent documentary I Know That Voice delved into the profession's tight-knit universe, and in this short clip, Looney Tunes actor Bob Bergen analyzes and replicates Mel Blanc's genius formula for Porky's distinctive vocal gymnastics, which is a deceptively straightforward pattern of four syllables corresponding to each word.

Bergen points out that stringing this formula together quickly to make full sentences is incredibly hard, "and that's why I have job security." But feel free to follow along and practice to impress your next blind date or potential employer.

(H/T Cartoon Brew)