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A 30-Second Master Class On How To Do Porky Pig's Stutter

Looney Tunes voice actor Bob Bergen breaks down the simple formula for performing the notoriously difficult cartoon voice.

Mel Blanc, the voice of Bugs Bunny, Porky Pig, and other cartoon characters.

[Photo by Bettmann, Corbis]

Voice acting is known as one of the hardest creative professions to break into, both because of the skill involved and the fact that a small number of good voice actors are booked for most of the jobs.

Recent documentary I Know That Voice delved into the profession's tight-knit universe, and in this short clip, Looney Tunes actor Bob Bergen analyzes and replicates Mel Blanc's genius formula for Porky's distinctive vocal gymnastics, which is a deceptively straightforward pattern of four syllables corresponding to each word.

Bergen points out that stringing this formula together quickly to make full sentences is incredibly hard, "and that's why I have job security." But feel free to follow along and practice to impress your next blind date or potential employer.

(H/T Cartoon Brew)

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