Attention Hobby Lobby Employees: Learn How To Make A DIY IUD

It may not keep you from getting pregnant, but at least you’ll get a few laughs watching the creation of this activist art project.

Attention Hobby Lobby Employees: Learn How To Make A DIY IUD
[Image: Flickr user Steven Depolo]

The employees of Hobby Lobby may not have certain forms of birth control covered by insurance anymore, but not to worry: The crafts store offers ample supplies to DIY an IUD on the cheap.

Okay, not really. But in this satirical video by comedy duo Sandy and Richard Riccardi, the purely fictional character Miss Sandy from Hobby Lobby uses pipe cleaners to build adorable tinsel “abortifacients.” Rest assured, all of the crafting supplies used in the video are actually from Michael’s, which covers the birth control of its employees.

Knit UterusPhoto by Evie Nagy

As the disclaimer below the video indicates, “No, you can’t make a working IUD from pipe cleaners and glitter. So don’t try.” But as activist art projects go, it’s pretty fun and easy. For the more experienced, however, may we suggest this knitting project?

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