Dream Job Alert: Get Paid To Watch Netflix In Bed

Applicants must be willing to binge-watch Orange Is the New Black.

Dream Job Alert: Get Paid To Watch Netflix In Bed
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Somewhere in the United Kingdom, a couch potato’s dream is about to come true. The London Netflix office is looking to hire a “tagger” who will “be responsible for watching and analyzing films and TV programmes [sic] that will be streaming on Netflix in the future.” Try not to crush your mouse on your way to the job listing.


Whoever lands this incredible position of paid employment will get to see the new seasons of Orange Is the New Black, House of Cards, and some decent movies before the plebs. The streaming service will even let the lucky winner–er, successful applicant–work from home, which means getting paid to binge-watch in bed. Could this setup get any better?

There is some actual work involved: “The tagger will deconstruct the films and programmes [sic] and describe them using objective tags.” These human-generated tags are the first step in the process that results in those uber-specific genres like “Emotional Independent Sports Movies” and “Raunchy TV Comedy Featuring a Strong Female Lead.”

Although, scrolling through my Netflix today reveals incredibly dull and straightforward genres for my recommendations, like “dramas” and “because you watched…” Perhaps Netflix is moving away from its comically specific tags. No matter; Netflix needs a tagger, and that person could be you.

For those seriously considering this career in television watching, The Atlantic has a comprehensive article on how tagging works, which would make a good primer for a job interview.

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