10 Tech Trends That Are Too Big To See

Tectonic changes are coming. Are you ready?

10 Tech Trends That Are Too Big To See
[Image: Flickr user Petras Gagilas]

Inside The New Generation Of Coworking Spaces For Hardware Hackers

Can a new kind of coworking space solve the most elemental human-computer problems of our time?


Author: Emma Holland
Read In: 5 minutes

The Case For Building (Not Buying) Your Tech Solutions

Only custom projects let you totally control design.

Author: David Lumb
Read In: 8 minutes

The Technology Behind The Food Porn Boom

As gourmet bloggers build more sophisticated sites, more and more eaters (and investors) are taking notice.

Author: Tina Amirtha
Read In: 7 minutes

The Hidden Psychology Of Ordering Food Online

You might not realize it, but every time you order dinner digitally, you subconsciously order more–whether it’s Dominuteso’s, deli food, or your favorite delivery app.


Author: Neal Ungerleider
Read In: 6 minutes

What Is Up With Google’s Space Elevator Project?

Here’s the truth about one of the most promising Google X projects, from a space systems engineer who has researched them: They’re far too slow. But there is one potential solution.

Author: Dani Eder
Read In: 11 minutes

The Quiet Death Of The Tech Company Mascot

Why doesn’t the tech industry use mascots as much as other industries? The answer is more nuanced than you’d think.

Author: Bryan Lufkin
Read In: 7 minutes

Does The Tech Industry’s Obsessive Party Fetish Pay Off?

We talked to the folks behind some of Silicon Valley’s most well-known parties about the importance of play.


Author: Luke Dormehl
Read In: 8 minutes

Los Angeles Is A Sleeping Software Titan That’s About To Wake Up

I’m sick of hearing that this city is somehow behind Silicon Valley.

Author: Adam Popescu
Read In: 10 minutes

The Boominutesg Industry Of Startups Serving Startups

Entrepreneurs are cominutesg to Northern California to strike it rich, and a cottage industry has developed around them offering vital tools on the cheap.

Author: John Boitnott
Read In: 6 minutes

How The Word “Entrepreneur” Got Too Popular For Its Own Good

Our language and our economic data are increasingly out of step with how we work. Here’s why it matters.


Author: Ainsley O’Connell
Read In: 8 minutes