The Recommender: Rose Pastore, Who Did Not Vomit In Zero Gravity

The Recommender: Rose Pastore, Who Did Not Vomit In Zero Gravity
Rose Pastore’s Pet Bunny Geoffrey [Photo by Brian Harkin]
Photo by Celine Grouard for Fast Company

Name: Rose Pastore
Role at Fast Company: Assistant news editor
Twitter: @RosePastore
Titillating Fact: Two months before I started at Fast Company, I went on a parabolic flight with NASA. I panicked during the first few seconds of floating; I was convinced I, or the plane, had flipped upside down. One of my most vivid memories is seeing the seat belts rise toward the ceiling. I didn’t vomit, thanks to the scopolamine injection I got right before the flight, but the anti-nausea drug did make me feel a bit stoned. I was there to cover a neat student experiment that tested whether a portable ultrasound machine works in zero gravity.

View the zero-G video hereVideo by Rose Pastore

Things she’s loving:

1. Diary of a teen girl from 1876
Writer Rebecca Greenfield recently tweeted a link to this incredible diary entry, and I’ve read it at least five times already. Marie Bashkirtseff is basically Daenerys Targaryen: “A girl of sixteen cannot be quite satisfied with the family circle, especially when she is a girl like me,” Bashkirtseff wrote in 1876. “What do I want? Oh, you know well enough. I want glory.”

2. A world without darkness
“The End Of Night” is a great feature by Rebecca Boyle about the health effects of light pollution—the “eternal electric day,” as the Aeon Magazine article calls it. It turns out that humans and other animals need darkness, and when we don’t get it, lots of things start to go wrong.

3. Bunny Buddhism
Titillating fact No. 2: I live with a house rabbit named Geoffrey, so I like rabbits more than most people do. But I think even regular people can enjoy the wisdom tweeted from @bunnybuddhism: