Watch It: These Short Videos Reveal What Happened Between “Planet Of The Apes” Movies

The ending to the 2011 hit reboot Rise of the Planet Apes was unambiguous: these damn dirty apes are about to go full-on bananas. A recent poster for the forthcoming sequel, Dawn of the Planet Apes, confirms as much by showing the apes mid-‘nanners, toting machine guns and riding horseback. A new series of short videos reveals what happened in between the two films to put these apes in that (hilarious) position.

The studio behind that franchise, Twentieth Century Fox, teamed up with Vice’s Motherboard to create the “Before the Dawn” series, which span 10 years in the Apes-iverse. All the videos were directed by Dylan Southern and Will Lovelace, who collaborate as thirtytwo. As you can probably imagine, judging from all those apes on horseback with heavy artillery, things have not been very good for the humans.

The first video, Quarantine, takes place in the first year after Rise, when a widespread viral outbreak of Simian Flu is just beginning. Next, we skip ahead five years to show that much of humanity has been extinguished, as filtered through a young female survivors experience of making her way through the world. Finally, the third video, Story of the Gun charts the baton-like passing of a shotgun through a bunch of doomed hands.

So, yes, these are Planet of the Apes shorts that are short on, you know, apes, but they make a decent enough amuse-bouche for the next movie in the series.

Have a look at all the shorts in the slides above.

H/t to Variety