Wander The Streets Of South Park With Oculus Rift

Ever want to walk down the streets of South Park, maybe bump into Terrance and Phillip? This new digital experience created by Tool of North America makes that possible in Oculus Rift.

Tool’s managing partner for digital Dustin Callif says the idea came out of an ambition to show Oculus Rift’s potential as a storytelling platform. “Our team are huge fans of South Park and after kicking around a number of ideas, we landed on the idea of re-imagining the town of South Park for the Oculus Rift,” says Callif.

In order to get it done in time to show off at the Cannes International Festival of Creativity, it was created in three weeks using Unity3D. “This made it easy to implement the out of the box features,” says Callif. “For example, after some experimentation, the team originally tried creating the snow effect as a 2-D texture but landed on taking advantage of the terrain feature to plus up the 3-D environment further.”

Besides waving to your favorite Canadian comedy duo, you can also “fall” to your doom down to hell by walking through the South Park church doors. On the plus side, if you find Saddam Hussein sitting next to Satan, he’ll take you back to South Park.

It’s not the shop’s first foray in OR territory. They recently produced an Oculus Rift experience commissioned for Moogfest, an arts, technology and music conference in Asheville, North Carolina, that allowed people to view a 3-D version of the city.

Read more details on the making of the South Park experience here.