Tumblr Boots Product Lead Derek Gottfrid

Tumblr Boots Product Lead Derek Gottfrid
[Image: Flickr user Alexandre Lazaro]

Derek Gottfrid, Tumblr’s vice president of product and engineering, has been either fired from or strongly encouraged to leave the executive ranks of the innovative microblogging platform, according to an internal memo obtained by Business Insider.

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In the email, Tumblr CEO and founder David Karp wrote that he “made the decision that it’s time for Derek to move on from Tumblr,” and that he will be taking “a more active role” in overseeing the product teams that Gottfrid has led since he joined the team in 2010.

Business Insider reports that Gottfrid acted much like a “shadow CEO” and was crucial to day-to-day happenings at Tumblr, the company’s native advertising program, and even the Yahoo acquisition. “In many ways, he was Tumblr’s Sheryl Sandberg, but without the big name or profile,” Business Insider adds.

Here is Karp’s message in full, for your reading (and analyzing) pleasure:

Team —

I’ve made the decision that it’s time for Derek to move on from Tumblr.

Derek’s contributions are immeasurable and I am tremendously grateful for everything he has done for me, the team, and our users.

With this change, I will be taking a more active role in managing Derek’s teams. Derek leaves big shoes to fill and I’m excited to see you all step in as we move forward. I’ll be following up with his teams over the next couple days to answer any questions, address any concerns, and go over changes in reporting.

Thank you all for all your efforts and patience during this transition. I’ve truly never been more excited for Tumblr’s future.