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Readers' Choice Nominee #4: Proper Medium

Proper Medium is a full-service video production company, that specializes in low-altitude aerial cinematography using custom-built, remote-controlled multi-rotor helicopters.

Commentary from the Drive Your Business Forward Small Business Experts:

Suhyun Pak: Proper Medium is such a cool company, and the production van would certainly increase their presence in the market. I think because the footage is so dynamic and the tools are so new, it could also be fun to see the van at big events, live-casting the aerial footage to attendees. Seeing the video-copter in action is the biggest selling point.

Harley Finkelstein: It's plain to see Proper Medium's need for the Sprinter van with all their valuable gear. I love their bits of humor sprinkled into the video, and the production quality is awesome—no surprise, given the industry they're in. As drones become cheaper and easier to purchase, Proper Medium might soon have some competition on their hands. Overall though, they seem to be on the bleeding edge of cinematography.

Amber Mac: There is a lot of potential in this new production frontier. Great idea to keep their crew and gear more portable with a "Dream Sprinter Van." I can't imagine a more suitable home for the octocopter.