Psst: Troll Your Facebook Friends With Fake News Stories

Psst: Troll Your Facebook Friends With Fake News Stories
[Image: Flickr user Cali4Beach]

Ah, clickbait. The currency of the Internet! We just found out that Yongzhi Huang, one of the developers here at Fast Company, has built a neat little web tool that lets you create convincing fake news stories with which to troll your friends.

Using it is easy. Simply pick a news logo (Yahoo, Breaking News, etc.), write your fake headline, then put a link to the website of your choosing at the end. Even Reddit seems to like it!

So we asked Zhi to explain himself.

Um, this is super cool. How does it work?
Basically you go to the site and create pranks by entering info about the prank, then the site will generate a link for you to share it on your Facebook wall. When someone clicks on the post, they will see a pre-selected image/video you entered during the prank creation process, such as “You just got owned” or “You just got trolled” or even Rick Rolled.

Where did you get the idea from?
I work with Facebook Open Graph metatags a lot here on the dev team at Fast Company, and I know it’s possible to have any metatags stick to any page on the site. I also like to prank/troll people. So I figured why not put the two together?

Do you think Facebook will block it? Is that even possible?
It’s possible if people start to create a bunch of fake stories and Facebook sees a problem with that. But it’s all in fun nature. It’ll be interesting to see if people even click on your post on Facebook before they make a comment on your wall.