The Most American Brands In America, According To Americans

Happy Fourth! Love, corporate America.

Brand Keys, a brand loyalty and customer engagement consultancy, has released results of a survey pitting major brands against one another in a patriotism contest. Because nothing’s more American than competition!


More than 4,600 consumers, ages 16 to 65, were asked to evaluate which of 225 brands were most associated with the value of “patriotism.” Here are the top 15. Percentages indicate how emotionally engaged a given brand made participants feel on the patriotism spectrum, versus an ideal of 100% (and only the U.S. Armed Services–the Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marines, and Navy rate that high), as Brand Keys founder Robert Passikoff points out in the report.

1. Jeep (98%)

2. Levi Strauss (97%)


3. Coca-Cola (95%)

4. Colgate/Wrigley’s/Disney/Zippo (93%)

5. Ford/Harley Davidson/Ralph Lauren (91%)


6. Apple/Gillette (90%)

7. Hershey’s/Walmart (89%)

8. Amazon (88%)

9. New Balance (87%)

10. AT&T/Google (86%)

11. Gatorade/Marlboro/Sam Adams (85%)

12. Budweiser (84%)

13. Louisville Slugger/Smith & Wesson (83%)

14. American Express/Coors (81%)

15. John Deere/L.L. Bean (80%)

You’ll note that three tech firms–Apple, Amazon, and Google–made it into the top 10 most patriotic brands. In 2013, the first year Brand Keys conducted the survey, there were none. Apple is now as American as apple pie, apparently.