• 06.27.14

Every Goal From Every Game In The 2014 World Cup–Visualized

It’s basically a visual CliffsNotes for the World Cup.

When villainous Uruguayan forward Luis Suárez straight-up bit a dude in a recent match, cubicle-bound spectators around the world dropped the pretense that they were actually working at that moment. People stopped what they weren’t doing because the magnitude of what they had just seen merited communal discussion. While many people managed to catch that match while on the clock, unless you’ve taken a World Cup-themed sabbatical, you’re going to miss some games. In addition to all the online clips available for catching up on what happened during work hours, there’s now a virtual CliffsNotes for scored goals available to peruse.


Created by Sweden-based Emil Johansson, a chemical engineering student, A Look At The 2014 FIFA World Cup is one of the most handy visualizations to emerge this soccer season. It presents the as-of-this-moment 136 scored goals in the tournament thus far as marks on a soccer pitch, and reveals everything you’d need to know about them. Users hover over each goal to see who kicked it and during which game, or they can look through the lists below the field to find the relevant information. Either way is easier than sneaking out of work to watch every game in real time, and possibly getting fired.

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