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This Weekend, Uber A Wedding

San Franciscans looking to get hitched can call up Uber this Saturday—as long as supplies last.

This Weekend, Uber A Wedding

[Image: Flickr user Alexandre Delbos]

As if serving up ice cream trucks, kitties, and Transformers weren't enough to grab your attention: For one day only, Uber will try to shake up the monolithic wedding industrial complex by delivering marriage licenses to couples too lazy to trek down to city hall. And they say the institution of marriage is a sham!

The car-booking service will push its latest promotional stunt, called UberWedding, in San Francisco this Saturday between noon and 6 p.m. Via the Uber app, UberWedding will serve up a free wedding a la carte, as long as supplies last.

"Whether you and your partner have considered tying the knot for years or are just feeling a spark of spontaneity," writes Uber in a blog post, "we're here to help start you on your new adventure."

Ostensibly, it is in celebration of Pride Week. But who cares! Marriages for all. Disrupt everything: Uber weddings. Uber babies. Uber funerals. What's next?