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Former NFL Linebacker Dhani Jones On Letting His Mind Wander

The ex-NFL player talks strategy for embracing distractions.

Starting in Super Bowl XXXIX nine years ago was just the beginning for former linebacker Dhani Jones. He's since founded the nonprofit BowTie Cause, which raises awareness and funds for more than 30 charitable organizations like the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation through the sales of uniquely designed bow ties. Jones opened the Bow Tie Cafe in Cincinnati in 2010, and he also acts as founding partner of advertising and design firm VMG Creative and has hosted a number of travel and game shows.

His self-proclaimed habit of digression brings Jones the right mixture of vision and drive to get it all done. Allowing small chunks of time for straying away from big tasks means he's open to bursts of creativity. "I get used to blocking a certain amount of time in order to let my mind wander," he says.

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