The Maker Of The Best Used Car Spot Ever Is Back With Another Mind-Blower For Volvo

We all know how good Jerry Seinfeld is at spoofing generic car commercials, but Swedish art director Christoffer Castor is taking this art form to a whole other level.

Last month he hit viral gold by using an over-the-top movie trailer voice with a hearty dose of gibberish to sell his red 1993 Volvo. Its got more than 1.6 million views and actually helped him sell the car.

Now Castor returns to unofficially (sort of) pitch a brand new red Volvo, a loaner from Volvo itself. And this V60 Sportswagon has it all–a masculine chrome brooch, floor bibs, clicks and beeps, a sacred book with two free stickers, crossword hints for the bold, and “in accordance to Volvo tradition” is of course furnished with an inside. As the voiceover says, it’s “by far the most comprehensive piece of thing ever created.”

Castor says Volvo got in touch with him soon after the release of his original “Buy My Volvo” video. “They loaned me the car for a week and gave me free hands to do whatever I wanted,” he says. “So I bought all the cat stickers I could find and furnished its outside with them.”

The whole shoot was done in a day and an evening, after which Castor and his cameraman Christian Svanlund went on a road trip “down to Europe” to visit the new owner of his old PUX 857. “There will be a road movie in two or three parts this summer, revealing the new owner,” says Castor.

Here’s hoping it’s fully comprehensive with plenty of aerial shot whispers.

Check out the outtakes from Castor’s latest below.