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Wildlife photographer Chris Weston sacrificed his GoPro camera to a giant, scary-ass grizzly bear, and the result is somewhat terrifying. In the aptly named "Grizzly Bear Attempts to Eat GoPro" a big grizzly with big grizzly claws gnaws on a GoPro. Once he gets the camera in his mouth, we get a glimpse of what it might be like to get eaten by a bear, sharp teeth and all.

For those interested in more heart-pounding grizzly activities, there's an entire YouTube sub-genre dedicated to the killer bears encountering food vaults. It's both terrifying and mesmerizing because the bear will not give up on that bear-proof container because he is a hungry predator:

In today's other hungry bear news, this black bear doesn't eat people—just cupcakes. Warning: that story has a sadder ending.