From the Pencil ‘Stache to the Handlebar, See 100 Years of Facial Hair History

Whether you want to engage in a discussion over whether or not bushman beards have jumped the shark or not, there’s no denying that facial hair is in fashion. In fact, facial grooming has been one of the most defining aspects of men’s fashion through the ages: from full beards of the early 20th century, to the pencil ’stashes of the ’30s, to the clean-faced greasers of the ’50s, to the handlebars of the ’70s, to that unfortunate ’90s soul patch, and right back round to this decade’s obsession with a face covered in whiskers.

Gillette Body celebrates 100 years of hirsute history with a stop-motion spot that lionizes man’s facial fashions through the ages, bringing us right up to the present. Only now, the latest follicle trend has migrated down to the chest. Created by Grey London, the spot was designed to flaunt Gillette’s new razor designed for the, er, male terrain.

The spot itself is a crafty little piece of film, directed by Darcy Pendergrast and starring British model (and ex-Big Brother housemate) Bobby Sabel. Chronicling 100 years of grooming, the spot has some neat transitions and amusing ’stache styling. Check out more on how the spot was made here.