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Do Beer Pong And Drones Mix? These College Students Can Now Check Out Drones From The Campus Library

What could possibly go wrong? The University of South Florida is about to find out.

[Base Images: Flickr users Don McCullough and Ian T. McFarland]

Starting this fall, students at the University of South Florida in Tampa will be able to check out drones from the campus library.

ABC News reports that the USF Library has been testing drone flights to record campus activities, including a jazz performance, and will make the remote-controlled camera-toting flyers available to students for projects in disciplines like engineering and environmental science. One staff member cites the usefulness of drones in fields like architecture, where students could investigate the structure of a building from above without having to estimate from drawings.

But some were a bit more realistic about the prospective outcomes. "I'm pretty sure I would just crash it somewhere," said one student. "Cause some kind of accident." One female student suspects the flying cameras might be used for "creeping on other people."

The administration insists that drone checkout will be closely supervised by library staff. The school might want to pay special attention during rush week.

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