Come On, England! This PSA Points To Link Between Soccer And Domestic Violence

Poor England. First, as home to arguably the best soccer league in the world, it is constantly under immense pressure to perform at the World Cup. That pressure is coupled with an almost maniacal cynicism among fans that can only come from not winning a major international title since 1966.

Now here they are in Brazil, playing their third and last game of the 2014 World Cup after losing their two opening games to Italy and Uruguay (or, more specifically, Luis Suárez), respectively. This comes after being eliminated from Euro 2012 by Italy in the quarter-finals, and a 4-1 loss exit from 2010 World Cup, courtesy of Germany.

Point is, this is a nation with an enthusiastic yet long-suffering fan base. Now this PSA from the U.K.’s National Centre for Domestic Violence and agency JWT London says that abuse increases by 25% after the Three Lions play. It’s a sentiment that translates across borders and sports, that big games are a particular flashpoint for domestic violence.

And so she sits and she waits. It’s an eerie few moments as we hear the game end in the other room and see her grip that tea cup just a little bit tighter.JB