The United States’ Crushing World Cup Match, Visualized By Twitter And Google

American soccer fans felt feelings in the waning minutes of Saturday’s World Cup game against Portugal. After Team USA’s Clint Dempsey scored a goal with less than 10 minutes left in regulation, Portugal’s Silvestra Varela slipped a shiv under the the ribs of breathless Americans around the globe with a last-second goal in stoppage time to secure a 2-2 tie.

Actually, scratch that. It was less a quiet assassination and more like a violent, gut-obliterating sucker punch. Which was then followed by a speeding 18-wheeler.

What made the U.S.’s last-second tie so heartbreaking was the triumph of Dempsey’s 2-1 goal to take the lead, as visualized by Twitter’s recently beefed up World Cup team. Here is Twitter activity as indicated by mentions of Dempsey’s name and handle measured in tweets per minute:

In fact, Twitter activity during the match was off the charts. You can see all of that visualized here, but here is an illustration of tweets around the globe during the match. Pay special attention to activity during the final two goals:

Google’s World Cup trend analysis, however, found that most Americans were still optimistic (at least according to data taken from G+ posts) following the game.

Still, fans undoubtedly don’t want to see this expression on Thursday against Germany.