The Recommender: Scott Mebus Needs You To Know That Vertical Video Is Not Okay

The best things on the Internet this week, curated by Fast Company employees.

The Recommender: Scott Mebus Needs You To Know That Vertical Video Is Not Okay
[Image: Flickr user 诗琪]
Scott MebusPhoto by Celine Grouard for Fast Company

Name: Scott Mebus
Role at Fast Company: Head of video and TV
Twitter: @scottmebus
Titillating Fact: I wrote a children’s book series, The Gods of Manhattan, about a magical Manhattan that exists alongside the real life New York City. It was a lifelong dream of mine to create the kind of books I loved as a child, so everything from this point on is just gravy.


Things he’s loving (The all video edition!):

1. PostModern Jukebox – Saturday Morning Slow Jams
I’ve loved PostModern Jukebox, the YouTube cover band collective headed by talented pianist Scott Bradley, ever since I heard their jazz age rendition of “Thrift Shop.” Their reimagining of current hits in styles of the past always makes me smile. But their newest series, “Saturday Morning Slow Jams,” is pure genius. They take Saturday-morning cartoon themes, from shows like the Animaniacs and the Powerpuff Girls, and transform them into smooth ’90s R&B jams. My favorite is their hot rendition of Duck Tales. Somewhere, babies are being made to the sultry sounds of the theme from a cartoon about a duck, and that is what makes this country great.

2. The Axis of Awesome – The Holy Trinity
I’ve just discovered this parody trio from Australia recently, even though they’ve been big on YouTube for a while. I can’t tell you exactly why I enjoy them so much. I’m just a sucker for Australian novelty song parodists, I guess. They’ve got a ton of funny stuff, including their “Four Chords” opus and their “How to Write a Love Song” tutorial. I’ll highlight their latest, “The Holy Trinity,” because it carries at least a whiff of timeliness.

3. Horizon – HD Video Recorder
Okay, full disclosure: I haven’t actually used this yet. But it’s so vital to the world of smartphone video recording that I had to call it out. Vertical video is a real problem in the world, as recounted in this important PSA:

Horizon has been created to combat VVS. It forces your phone to record horizontal videos no matter how you hold it. Genius! Now I can stop yelling at people to stop doing it wrong. My wife is very excited.