Facebook’s Slingshot App Gets Trumped By A Yo

Looks like we would rather Yo than Sling.

Facebook’s Slingshot App Gets Trumped By A Yo
[Image: Flickr user Erik (HASH) Hersman]

Facebook just got beat out by a single, resounding “Yo.”

Well, not quite, but million-dollar app Yo has snagged a spot in the App Store above Slingshot, Facebook’s second Snapchat-esque entry into the world of standalone apps. At the time of writing, Slingshot was ranked at No. 55 in the U.S. App Store’s top free apps chart, while Yo was sitting pretty at No. 36.

Slingshot officially launched on Tuesday, after a snafu that accidentally released it a week early. The app is fairly similar to Snapchat, save for one difference: You can’t see the photos or videos people send you until you send them something in return.

It’s a bit more involved than just slinging someone a “Yo.” After a slew of press coverage on Wednesday, Yo has seen over 100,000 downloads in the past day alone. But here’s a flicker of hope for Facebook: Slingshot is still pulling ahead on Android, having racked up 10,000-50,000 installs while Yo hasn’t yet cracked 10,000.

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