The Best Summer-Themed Vines For Taking A Mini Vacation At Your Desk

Viners are getting in the summer spirit with magical pool tricks, neon sunsets, and time-lapse theme-park fun. Here are our favorites.

For all the reasons to upload a video to Vine, we can’t think of an much better excuse than to revel in the joys of summer. It’s already unrelentingly hot and humid, but this collection of Vines (inspired by Christian Leonard’s recent viral pool trick) acts as a visual A/C–you can almost feel the cold splash of water while watching a Vine shot inside the barrel of a wave.

Now with more than 40 million users, Vine offers plenty of opportunities to virtually explore their worlds and escape your desk for a quick six-second vacation. The range of aesthetic approaches to Vine demonstrates how innovative ideas on the video app can portray moods, experiences and, in this case, the season of summer all in a six-second loop. Click through the slide show above to cool off with a few of our favorites.