Republicans Make Big Data Push, Access Voter Internet Habits And More

The GOP joins forces with Targeted Victory and The Data Trust in time for upcoming elections.

Republicans Make Big Data Push, Access Voter Internet Habits And More
[Image: PBS NewsHour]

Two data and analytics firms with close ties to the Republican Party are teaming up to give GOP candidates easier and deeper access to voter Internet-using habits. Political advertising firm Targeted Victory and data warehousing company The Data Trust announced the partnership on Wednesday, saying it will transform Republican voter outreach for upcoming elections.

“At Targeted Victory, we’re striving to build the biggest data marketplace in politics, and our partnership with The Data Trust takes us one step closer,” said Targeted Victory cofounder Michael Beach. “We’re excited to leverage the expertise from The Data Trust with their inventory that spans decades of election results, field data, voter files, and census information.” Information from The Data Trust will be used to help Republican candidates affiliated with Targeted Victory launch voter outreach campaigns aimed at very specific micro-demographics.

The Democratic Party embraced big data for voter outreach during the 2012 election, and Republicans have been looking to catch up. Republican data wonks have been updating the party’s approach to voter outreach and data mining, which has included conversations with Google, AOL, and Facebook. The new Targeted Victory and Data Trust partnership is expected to be a major part of that.